Manufactureing Scope

A-Made In India Spring Company has expanded its business to product 250 tonnes of industrial springs annually more than thousands verities coast to coast.

We are equipped with a state – of – art production plan and used the best raw materials that are required for high quality products. We manufacture spring utilizing both ‘cold coiling’ and ‘Hot coiling’ Processes. the processes and the sequences of operations are selected on the bases of the raw material used , final dimension of the spring , quantity and the application . our facilities include.

  • Imported automatic spring coils to handle weirs from 0.10mm to 8.0mm.
  • Lathes and semi automatic for coil wire from 8.55mm to 16.5mm.
  • Hot coiling for bars from 17.0mm to 110mm
  • Automatic spring end grinders for grinding spring up to 8.00mm wire diameter.
  • Heavy duty and face grinders and Hydraulic grinders for grinding springs up to 110 mm bar diameter.
  • Electric fumeless and ovens
  • Furnace for Round Bar Heating up to 1100'C . (36 feet long.)
  • Surface grinder.
  • Load testing machines (Capacity - 40 tones)
  • Load testing machines (Capacity - 100kg)
  • Hydraulic press for praising and sprigging.
  • Tooling shafting’s jigs and fixtures.
  • Are welding marchine.
  • Reputed Vander for shot penning,shot blasting,passivation,powder coating machine.