Raw Material

Many types of Our Springs are used in high duty applications, such as internal combustion engines. They are subject to extreme operational speeds and temperatures, where the relaxation and fatigue properties are often crucial. As a result the choice of raw material can have a dramatic effect on ultimate performance. Accordingly, as much care is taken during the selection of raw material, as during the manufacturing process.

Supporting our versatile manufacturing program, we maintain a comprehensive stock of wire materials. Included in our on site materials inventory of over 30 tones, We stock a wide range of materials including spring steels, crome silicon,stainless steels,inconel and chrome-vanadium.

A-MIISCO uses only superior quality from the precision mills Usha Martin Industries Limited, TATA Steels, Mukand Limited, etc. The materials used are a special spring chromium-silicon (CR-SI) for wire diameters up to 8.0 mm, and special chromium-vanadium (50-CRV4) for wire diameters above 8.0 mm. This special spring steel is used exclusively because of its service life than any other wire tested. These materials ensure a defect-free function over the entire service life.

A-MIISCO provides only consistent quality certified material (according to international standards and DIN 17223/2076, DIN 17224, DIN 17225) to meet the needs of the industry for high quality and performance parts.

Following materials are available in A-MIISCO warehouse from 0.15 mm up to 110 mm dia.

1.5mm to 6mm Wire Diameter

Branded Specialist Wires


  • Patented, cold drawn, unalloyed, high-carbon spring steel wires.
  • Phosphate - coated Music (piano) wires.
  • Oil-Tempered, eddy-current tested, alloyed valve spring wires.
  • Stainless steel wires.
  • Chrome - vanadium & Chrome - silicon wires, nickel based wires, etc.